Lady with doggies and other gifts

3 January 2018 at 18h06

Happy New Year to all!

I hope you had a beautiful New Year’s Eve. 

Christmas now seems a little far away… 

Here are some watercolours and more, created at the end of the year. I share with you a few of them:

1. Lady with doggies

A3 watercolour painted for one of my grandmothers, fan of Louis XV’s period, Nicolas Le Floch etc.
As you know, my grandpa passed away in 2013. Cypris, the older dog died last November, so I thought it would be nice to have a painting bringing them all together.

2. My grandparents

Because they made me understand a long time ago that they would like me to draw their portrait.

3. My in-laws

Because they are always teasing each other nicely, to know who is more respectable of the two.

3. The daughter of a couple of friends
I was so overwhelmed last year that I didn’t send anything for the birth of the little one (bouh, shame on me!).
This is made from a template found on Pinterest that I adapted to her first name.
My only merit will have been to cut the details of the frame to the millimeter with my little hands.

May 2018 be creative for you!


Malika Smith