4 April 2023 at 13h10

Next round of watercolours inspired by the exercise book “Watercolour for Relaxation“, by Angelica Torres.

I realised the trois following works:
– Refreshing Watermelon
– Moon phases
– Colorful Seaweed

Do you like them?

Malika Smith

Beautiful and Sweet Year 2023

2 January 2023 at 10h21

If you survived the holiday season, may 2023 be sweet and less tumultuous than 2022, like these mountains.

During the holidays, I borrowed the book “Watercolor for Relaxation“, which is a watercolour exercise book by Angelica Torres. I had fun recreating a pink version of her “Serene Rainy Mountains” from Mianshan, Shanxi province.

Very relaxing indeed to pick up my brushes and immerse myself in the fluid colors that I love so much during my holidays.

May your year 2023 be sweet, but also filled with joy and creation!

Lots of love,

Malika Smith


11 March 2022 at 15h24

Malika Smith


21 September 2019 at 10h31

Because there is always a way to bounce back at some point…

More information on the exhibition here: https://mertonartsfestival.org.
In the meantime, here’s a look at some of my paintings:

Grandpa left us…

1 March 2019 at 9h00

I still remember the times when, as a child, he used to take me to the garden.

With all the weight of my 3 years old, a little clumsy, I enjoyed “helping him”, while he progressed with a confident gesture.

I have always had green fingers since.

I am going to miss you.

Rest in peace. Love,


Inktober part 2

12 November 2018 at 20h43

Wow! Finally managed to finish this first Inktober! Here is the 2nd part!

I was a bit late but had some holiday in Italy in the meantime, so I wanted to enjoy it I must confess…

So here are the 10 latest drawings, corresponding to my 10 days of vacation in fact…

Despite the delay, I loved taking up this challenge.

Not only did it allow me to discover new artists, to see what everyone is capable of doing on a same theme, but also, it allowed me to work on subjects that I would never have tackled in normal times. .

My schedule for next year will tell me if I will take on Inktober 2019, but for those who are still hesitating, I strongly invite you to participate!


Malika Smith

Inktober Part 1

5 November 2018 at 20h50

¡ Hola todos!

Those who follow me on social networks have probably seen it: I participated for the first time in the Inktober challenge this year!

I put here a small summary in two parts (yes, because between two drawings, I went to Italy so there I’m struggling to catch up now, it’s smart 😉 )

The rest comes when I have finished the last ten drawings;)

Inkment Yours,

Malika Smith

ps: As a reminder, this year’s list was as follows:

Rosie leaves…

27 February 2018 at 16h07

… in order to create globes!

Little watercolour painting on this occasion:

Malika Smith

Lady with doggies and other gifts

3 January 2018 at 18h06

Happy New Year to all!

I hope you had a beautiful New Year’s Eve. 

Christmas now seems a little far away… 

Here are some watercolours and more, created at the end of the year. I share with you a few of them:

1. Lady with doggies

A3 watercolour painted for one of my grandmothers, fan of Louis XV’s period, Nicolas Le Floch etc.
As you know, my grandpa passed away in 2013. Cypris, the older dog died last November, so I thought it would be nice to have a painting bringing them all together.

2. My grandparents

Because they made me understand a long time ago that they would like me to draw their portrait.

3. My in-laws

Because they are always teasing each other nicely, to know who is more respectable of the two.

3. The daughter of a couple of friends
I was so overwhelmed last year that I didn’t send anything for the birth of the little one (bouh, shame on me!).
This is made from a template found on Pinterest that I adapted to her first name.
My only merit will have been to cut the details of the frame to the millimeter with my little hands.

May 2018 be creative for you!


Malika Smith