Grandpa left us…

1 March 2019 at 9h00

I still remember the times when, as a child, he used to take me to the garden.

With all the weight of my 3 years old, a little clumsy, I enjoyed “helping him”, while he progressed with a confident gesture.

I have always had green fingers since.

I am going to miss you.

Rest in peace. Love,


Grandy’s Precious Advice

25 December 2017 at 14h23

Merry Christmas my friends!

Yes, the time when you could flirt with simple braces instead of a smartphone has gone!
Christmas is also the time when we notice these differences between generations… We still do love our grandparents though! (and it’s nice to have a good laugh with them!)

How about you? Have you received “memorable” gifts from your loved ones this year?

Kind regards,

Malika Smith