The Devious Easter Bunny

7 April 2023 at 9h21

I think it’s trying to send me a message. Like to stop being a glutton.

Happy egg hunting everyone!

Malika Smith

The not so very reassuring things…

4 April 2023 at 15h44

This is how to spend your Zen session freaking out in case the masseuse would break your neck…

Next time I’ll choose hammam if I want to relax. Less risky 😉

Have a nice week my darlings,

Malika Smith


4 April 2023 at 13h10

Next round of watercolours inspired by the exercise book “Watercolour for Relaxation“, by Angelica Torres.

I realised the trois following works:
– Refreshing Watermelon
– Moon phases
– Colorful Seaweed

Do you like them?

Malika Smith