Dinners between friends

28 July 2022 at 11h41

Do you have the same issue?
If you know THE recipe that pleases everyone, feel free to share it please! It would help a lot!

On a different note, I am super happy to inform you of the release of my new logo that you will now find on my drawings:

We created it with the amazing graphic designer Cindy Guibouin of Vision Design.

We worked hard for many days to get this beautiful result. I hope you will like it as much as we do!

If you need customed graphics for your logos / business cards / flyers or other, do not hesitate to contact her! She will be happy to accompany you throughout your project.

Enjoy your meal my friends! With or without any gluten 😉

Malika Smith

Earmuffs maybe?

1 April 2022 at 9h50

Enjoying the swimming pool – Yes!
Enjoying the swimming pool with 80dB of continuous jackhammers / planes / construction works etc. – No.
I feel the desire to live isolated in a bubble (I mean, phonically isolated) sometimes.
Or, to live in a vast field without any neighbours… Aaaaw, that’d be sooo good…

Malika Smith


11 March 2022 at 15h24

Malika Smith

Bye Bye dear mask!

28 February 2022 at 17h38

From this Monday, February 28 onwards, wearing a mask indoors will no longer be compulsory in certain public places in France.
The mask will have protected us for 2 years from the virus, however, it will be a pleasure to remove it and feel the fresh wind caress our face.
That said, by dint of use during all these months, I confess that I ended up finding qualities other than the original one:

Malika Smith

Covidstential Questions

23 February 2022 at 16h48

Does anyone have the answer??

Well, saying that: on February 28: no more masks in France by law! It will automatically solve the problem! 😉

Take care,

Malika Smith

Sweet and Happy New Year!

15 January 2022 at 11h50

It’s been a whiiiile since I posted for the last time (Hello crazy working hours…).

I’m getting back to drawing, slowly but surely, wishing you all the stuff 2021 couldn’t bring to us: care, gentleness and benevolence.

Take care,

Malika Smith

But how do they do??!

13 March 2021 at 16h34

When you’re in England and you’re walking through a frozen park, witnessing this kind of “normal” scene:

But how do they not freeze to death?

They are equipped with a super powerful internal central heating system or what? Because I can put as many layers as I want, I just stay frozen…

It’s killing me, just by looking at them, I am freezing even more. What is their secret??!

Malika Smith


21 September 2019 at 10h31

Because there is always a way to bounce back at some point…

More information on the exhibition here: https://mertonartsfestival.org.
In the meantime, here’s a look at some of my paintings:

Happy back to school everyone (and good luck!)

2 September 2019 at 10h30

Two drawings made for the goodbye party of one of my colleagues, Vass, who decided to reorient herself towards her first passion: physics and chemistry.

Wishing her and all the teachers good luck for this new school year.

Malika Smith

Naked under onesie

16 February 2019 at 9h00

Poor him, I can’t help it!

Malika Smith