No one will give a damn about this note apart from me… But will feel better after publishing it.

It’s been more than two years since I tried to publish a note about my return from Australia (Yeah, it was ages ago…), but every time I would work on the sketches, I’d stop at some point, finding an excuse or a so-called priority, not to put myself in it. And then it would never come out…

I finally found a way to finish this damn note (in a somewhat expeditious mode, I reckon…).

Metaphorical dirty summary of a period not very funny…

Malika Smith

But how do they??!

When you’re in England and you cross a frozen park by attending this kind of scene called “banal”:

But how do they not freeze to death? Are they equipped with a super powerful internal central heating system or is it?
Because I put on the layers, I remain frozen…
It kills me, just looking at them, I’m even more cold. What’s their secret??!

Malika Smith