Inktober 2019 is over !!!

Very happy to have taken up the challenge (on time!), although purists might say that I did not do a job 100% pure ink.

Anyway, I loved mixing different techniques and building this Inktober as a puzzle. I like looking at it as a whole, once all the pieces are all together.

You’ll also find it on my Instagram.


I’m done with black and white for a while now! The next note will be more colorful! 😉

Malika Smith

Inktober 2019!

I’m taking part in the Inktober 2019 challenge!

For those who only follow me on this blog, you can take a look at all my Inktober posts on my Instagram account here:

Here’s a glimpse with the first three themes of days 1, 2 and 3 (Ring, Mindless and Bait):

Unlike last year when I did pure inking, this year I decided to mix everything! Easy marble, ink, digital, pencil…

The level of illustrators is particularly high this year, it’s a challenge I recommend to all! 🙂

Inkly yours,

Malika Smith

Merton Arts Festival Still On!

The  Merton Arts Festival continues until this Sunday.
You can see some of my paintings there. As I know most of you didn’t choose to cross the Channel this weekend, here’s a glimpse for you below:

With PERL, we had a lot of fun doing some fluid art experiments. To be renewed!

Thanks to the framers team for their hard work despite the busy schedule and last minute solicitations, festival oblige!

Be creative!  xx

Malika Smith

Grandpa left us…

I can’t help remembering him again in the garden, teaching me the basics of gardening.

He, dexterous, the gesture assured, his hands well placed on his rake (which was twice my size at that time…), observing me with a benevolent eye, while I, clumsy from all of my 3 years of age , was trying very hard not to stain my dear little varnished shoes in the soil…

I still had a long way to go at that time….

So I painted this scene, based on a picture I like.

Goodbye grandpa.


Inktober Part 2

Woop woop!

Finally managed to finish this first Inktober!

Here is the 2nd part!

I finished a bit late, but… oh well…

So here are the 10 days overdue, corresponding to my 10 days vacation in fact…

Despite the delay, I loved meeting this challenge.

Not only has it allowed me to discover new artists, to see what everyone is able to do according to the same theme, but also, it allowed me to work on topics that I would never have dealt with in normal times.

My next year’s schedule will tell me if I’ll take the Inktober 2019 challenge, but for those who still hesitate, I strongly invite you to participate!

Big hugs,

Malika Smith

Inktober Part 1

¡ Hola Todos!

Those who follow me on social networks probably saw it:
I participated for the first time in the Inktober challenge this year!

Here is a summary in two times (yeah, because between two drawings, I went on holiday to Italy so there I am struggling to catch the delay now, that’s clever 😉 )

Last ten drawings to follow soon 😉

Inkely yours,

Malika Smith

PS: As a reminder, this year’s list was as follows:

The Lady with Doggies and Other Gifts

Happy New Year to all!
I hope you had a nice New Year’s Eve. Christmas now seems a bit far away… Here are some watercolors and other gifts made during the holiday season.

I share a few:

1The Lady with Doggies
A3 watercolour painted for one of my grandmothers, fan of the 18th Century, with Louis XV, Louis XV,, etc.

Cypris, the biggest of the two dogs died last November, so I thought it would be nice to have a picture bringing together all this nice little world, including the missing ones.

2. My grandparents because they made me understand long time ago that they would like me to make a painting of them.

3. My in-laws
because they’re always teasing each other nicely, to find out who’s the most respectable of the two.

3. The daughter of a couple of friends
I was so overwhelmed last year that I did not send anything for the birth of the little one (boo, shame on me!). This is a template found on Pinterest that I adapted to his first name. My only merit will have been to cut the details on the paper to the millimeter with my little hands.

May 2018 be creative!

Best wishes,

Malika Smith

My colleagues are mermaids

Small gift that I realised for the birthday of my super colleague Steph who made a superb gradient of colors on her hair.

As always, two versions:

By the way, I learned that there were classes and mermaids contests and that professional mermaid was a real job!

“- What do you do for a living?
– Mermaid. ”

It does make you dreamin’, doesn’t it?

If you don’t know what to do this summer, buy fins and splash!

Have a good summer!

Malika Smith