6 days before the deadline, I finally posted my participation in the contest #Draw Me Comics 2020 for the comic festival of Angoulême!!

My challenge: transcend the ugliness to reveal its beauty.

If you like mutant axolotls, this post is for you!

Wish me luck!

Malika Smith

Grandpa left us…

I can’t help remembering him again in the garden, teaching me the basics of gardening.

He, dexterous, the gesture assured, his hands well placed on his rake (which was twice my size at that time…), observing me with a benevolent eye, while I, clumsy from all of my 3 years of age , was trying very hard not to stain my dear little varnished shoes in the soil…

I still had a long way to go at that time….

So I painted this scene, based on a picture I like.

Goodbye grandpa.